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We entered the market to challenge it, disrupt it, and lead it by bringing new ideas and innovative solutions to our customers. And that is what we've done.


Safety is no accident, and there is no greater responsibility than protecting your workforce; at Stronghold Global, protecting your team is our privilege, priority and promise. We know your workforce is an asset and investment which is crucial to protect. Therefore, we partner with you to ensure safety while bringing innovative solutions to your business.

We not only supply a vast range of compliant products but, through our tailored solutions, bring tangible benefits to your bottom line by making the requisition of products quicker, cheaper, and more reliable. In addition, you receive excellence in service, quality, innovation, integrity, and social responsibility based on seven customer-first principles built into our Smarter Service.

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What makes us unique?

At Stronghold Global, we make your workforce safer, your procurement process more efficient, and your operations more reliable.
Not only do we provide compliant products to you quickly, but we know safety requires the utmost attention. Therefore, we invested in our in-house software development team to utilise the power of innovation and deliver ingenious safety solutions without compromise. As a result, you receive the best products with the outstanding personalised customer care we're known for, combined with our revolutionary technology, which, with our attention to detail, makes Stronghold Global unique.


Our mission is protecting workforces worldwide whilst reducing the risk of workplace claims. We achieve this through being at the forefront of the safety and workwear industry, supplying innovative products and providing state-of-the-art solutions that will change and lead the market.
We invest in our team so that we can achieve our vision together through our shared values and behaviours.


1. Services

Friendly, fast and reliable service

2. Quality

Accredited and comprehensive range

3. Innovation

Smart solutions to serve you better

4. Integrity

A genuine partnership

5. Social Responsibility

Together we care for our future


1. Diligent

We take care to meet our customers’ every need

2. Thorough

Getting it right every time

3. Listening

We listen and solve problems

4. Honest

Active open communication

5. Giving

We contribute to the community


Our team of specialists are on-hand to help make your job easier, your business safer, and provide the best customer service possible.

Max Turner


Roddy Turner


Lydia Turner

HR Director

Simon Turner


Katrina Turner

Head of Operations

Barry Cannell

Production Manager

Sam Turner

Head of Brand Collaborations

Campbell Turner

Commercial Lead

Luke Turner

Customer Service Manager

Simon Averies

Business Development

Lauren Biggs

Head of Finance

Joe Dickson

Credit Controller

Endrit Chouka

Head of Software Development

Efi Caka

Software Developer

Chris Hallett

Head of Design & Marketing

Tracy Tang

Purchasing Officer

Becca Pile

EA to Max Turner

Dan Doel

Warehouse Team Leader

Sherrie Shields

Customer Service Administrator