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Close up picture of a man with a full face mask with breathing apparatus


Ensure compliance with our BSIF Fit2Fit Face Fit Testing.

Face masks play a vital role in keeping your staff safe. With a wide range of different types, designs and fits, masks have multiple uses across several sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, and construction.

What is Face Fit Testing?

Face Fit Testing is a valuable service to ensure your staff are wearing the proper mask correctly, and it's good practice to provide testing for all relevant staff. However, if your workforce is required to wear a mask that relies on creating a facial seal, you are mandated, by law, to carry out a Face Fit test to make sure the seal is adequate and provides maximum protection.


At Stronghold Global, we have a dedicated, trained and qualified team to carry out the practical assessments required for Face Fit Testing. Our assessors have BSIF Fit2Fit accreditation and follow HSE protocols and guidelines around COSHH, CLaW and CAW. There are two types of Face Fit Tests our experts can perform, qualitative and quantitative. Both tests will match the wearer's face shape with a compatible mask and ensure a complete seal.

Qualitative testing is used for disposable masks and reusable half-face masks.
Quantitative testing is used for all tight-fitting masks and respirators, including full-face masks.

We can conduct the testing at your premises, but we recommend you complete testing during the initial mask selection process to ensure you purchase the correct models and sizes for your staff.

Simple face mask with Face Fit Testing Guide