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A black bag is behind orange hivis jackets, a shoe box, hard hat, gloves and goggles in plastic wrappers.


Maximise efficiency with consistent and compliant Workwear and PPE Wearer Packs.

You likely have a specific set of workwear and PPE for each role within your business, such as uniforms and necessary safety equipment, including boots, gloves, goggles, and hi-vis workwear. Since your staff will require various supplies to keep them safe, these specific products are always needed.

Therefore, we work with you to identify those products and build a wearer pack encompassing all items into a simple, conveniently packaged kit. These are especially helpful for new starters to ensure no delay in getting them to work.

Benefits of Wearer Packs:

  • Save Time: eliminate the work needed to purchase items individually, especially for new starters.

  • Ensure Safety: rest easy knowing your team will have complete kits, fully compliant and suitable for their role.

  • Organise Onsite Inventory: hold less stock onsite and eliminate the need to dig through multiple boxes handing out different equipment with little traceability.

  • Complete Visibility: full transparency into what supplies your employees have as well as when it was ordered and delivered.

  • Prove Compliance: supplying wearer kits is evidence, in the case of any incident, that your employee was provided with the proper equipment and can help your business mitigate the risk of noncompliance.