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Product and Compliance Surveys

Our technical experts will visit your premises to conduct site surveys, identifying the right PPE and workwear to ensure the safety of your team.

Face Fit Testing

If you and your team use masks and respirators that rely on creating a facial seal, then you need to conduct Face Fit testing. Our Stronghold Global assessors can visit your business to perform the tests and help you select the right mask models and sizes for your staff.

Prescription Eyewear

We have a range of safety eyewear, suitable for various industries and specific, hazardous work environments. Prescription eyewear is also available for staff who need corrective lenses.

Wearer Packs

Our team can help you establish an individual Wearer Pack, for each of the roles within your business. This will streamline the procurement process and ensure that every member of staff has the PPE they need to keep them safe at work.

Garment Decoration

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Your safety and protection is our interest. We pride ourselves on service, quality and innovation to bring you the most unique products and services available on the market today.

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