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The Importance Of Specialised PPE and Workwear in Birmingham

Legislation makes it very clear what site PPE, construction companies in Birmingham must supply for their staff. Following a site risk assessment, it is essential as a minimum that the site workers are protected from falling objects, corrosive materials, excessive noise of vibration and extreme temperatures.

Safety Equipment Supplier

A company like Stronghold Global can make purchasing all the required PPE and workwear, branded with your company logos quick and easy. However, what happens if workers refuse to wear the PPE and safety clothing as it is intended?There are three reasons that employees can refuse to wear the PPE provided:

  1. Medical conditions which make the PPE uncomfortable or dangerous to wear. For example, skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis can be irritated by the materials.
  2. Ill-fitting PPE which is dangerousfor example overlong trousers, or sleeves which can get caught, or ear defenders which block out the sound of safety alarms.
  3. Religious reasons. For example, Sikhs wearing turbans are exempt from hard hats on site according to the Employment Act 1989, Appendix 2.

Such refusal, whilst within the employee’s rights, doesn’t diminish the employer’s duty and legal requirement to keep their staff safe when on Birmingham construction sites. It’s up to the employer to find alternative construction workwear which suits the employee’s needs but also protects them according to legislation. This is where Stronghold PPE can help. We can offer a free assessment of Personal Protective Equipment and workwear already in use and recommend the best alternatives to materials which aggravate the skin, alternatives to cow leather or pig skin which could be against religious sensibilities, as well as ensuring the workwear is comfortable, fits well and is safe. Then any PPE required can be ordered through the workwear procurement portal which has 50,000 active products, many of which can be delivered next day. Ordering via this portal is ten times faster than traditional methods with complete budget control and health and safety protection for employers to issue and deliver only approved products issued by the company even across multi-site locations.This portal is also open to employees (if access is granted) which could prevent any reluctance to wear the PPE provided by the company. By choosing it themselves, it can make them feel like valued members of staff and that they have some agency over their own safety. The PPE ordered can also be delivered to any address in Birmingham, meaning there is no need for a centralised distribution hub which could delay workers getting the PPE workwear they need to the job. To find out more contact the team at Stronghold Global today. For more expert advice on your PPE and workwear, contact one of our experts on 0845 208 4500, or email [email protected].