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Employer Responsibilities For Aggregate PPE in Cardiff

As an aggregate business based in Cardiff, we understand that the safety of your workers and the public is of paramount importance and therefore ensuring all the correct PPE is in place is essential. Having the correct PPE and safety clothing, especially on quarry sites saves lives. As a bare minimum, legislation dictates that the employer should protect against:

  • Head injuries with the provision of head protection gear.
  • Hands and feet injuries by providing safety boots and gloves where necessary.
  • General safety with the provision of hi-vis jackets.

However, it is also the employer’s responsibility to risk assess the sites and protect against:

  • Potentially breathing in toxic or contaminated air.
  • Injury from excessive noise or vibration.
  • Eye injuries from air-born particles or corrosive liquids.
  • Injury to the skin from contact with chemicals, UV radiation, welding radiation, or electrical contact.

This is where, as a supplier of mining and aggregate PPE, Stronghold Global can help. The core of our business is built upon specialist technology, brands and innovative products which enhance your safety, reducing the risk of accidents and claims.
Personal Protective Equipment that may be required within the aggregate industry could include respirators, eye, face and ear protection, insulated or waterproof jackets, sunscreen or long-sleeved shirts. Stronghold Global are able to guide you on the best equipment to be compliant as well as ensuring the comfort of your staff. Through utilising our workwear procurement portal, you will have access to more than 50,000 pieces of compliant PPE safety equipment and workwear at the touch of a button. And much of it will be delivered next day to any address within Cardiff. The portal can help streamline your procurement process ensuring the right equipment ends up with the right employee at the right time, with no need for delivery to a centralised hub or the traditional back and forth process. There is the additional benefit of the portal being useful for budget monitoring and report generation, enabling the facilities management team to identify purchasing data, purchasing trends, vulnerabilities within the business as well as expiry dates on equipment and consumables. Stronghold PPE are also able to take control of your on-site consignment stock of PPE and workwear ensuring you always have what you need when you need it, but at the same time saving you money as you only pay for what you actually use. To start the ball rolling with a free PPE and workwear audit why not give Stronghold a ring today. Contact one of our PPE and workwear experts on 0845 208 4500, or email [email protected].