Prescription Eyewear

Your all-seeing guide to prescription safety eyewear
Eye protection is a vital requirement for workers in some industries and roles, particularly when operating in hazardous environments. To avoid unnecessary injury and keep your staff safe, our expert team can help you select appropriate eyewear from our range, including glasses, goggles and face shields.
According to research carried out by the College of Optometrists, 69% of the UK population wear corrective glasses. Since such a large proportion of the country wear glasses, it is likely some of your workforce will fall into this category. Standard prescription eyewear does not provide protection against impact, nor does it offer a significant barrier against foreign objects in the eye, such as projectiles, gas, chemicals, dust, or radiation. Whilst a safety over-spec can be used, alongside glasses, the team at Stronghold Global have a solution: prescription safety eyewear.

Latest Lens Technology

Prescription safety eyewear combines the latest in lens technology, with reliable safety and durability. Our prescription eyewear is available in a number of styles, covering an array of uses, for specific working environments. Manufactured to meet PPE regulations and in compliance with European Standards (EN 166) on eye safety, our eyewear meets the most stringent of safety requirements.

With frames made in plastic or metal, we can work with you to select the right materials and lens options for your team, to ensure both safety and comfort. Fitted to the contours of the wearer’s face, prescription glasses and goggles allow for their specific visual needs and help reduce eye strain and fatigue.


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