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A single access point for PPE/Workwear procurement

The Portal

Our Portal is a single access point for customers wishing to procure the appropriate PPE/Workwear at the right price without any need to be tied into inflexible contracts. With over 50,000 products in our range, we can cater for every need.

Health & Safety

It’s no accident we have the best PPE procurement portal from a Health & Safety point of view.

As our portal is part of Stronghold Global’s renowned distribution and dispatch service, those in need of PPE enjoy the reassurance that they will get the necessary level of protection required as quickly as possible.

With traceable and accurate records of the PPE supplied to a client, employees should always have access to the right PPE and, as a result, site accidents are much less likely to happen.
But in the unfortunate event of someone injuring themselves whilst at work, Stronghold Global’s transparent ordering and reporting process can provide compelling evidence to help resolve any potentially litigious disputes.

No Hassle Procurement

Quick and easy to navigate, the portal is a highly effective way of procuring PPE and workwear. It has a robust requisition information framework and is designed in such a way that clients can find what they are looking for without any hassle and place an order with confidence.

Entering unnecessary and uncompetitive contracts

We don’t believe in contracts. Once set up within our system, you are under absolutely no obligation to buy from us.

Ordering control

Different levels of access can be made to its workforce available by the buyer through our portals multiple login-in capacity.

Site managers: Products authorised by the buyer/H&S manager can be requisitioned simply and easily by the site manager through the click of a button, although only the buyer can actually place orders once the requisitions have been checked.

Employees: Employees can procure authorised PPE themselves, helping to facilitate effective supply chain management and accurate real-time budget reporting.

Easily book in a consultation to discuss further

Your safety and protection is our interest. We pride ourselves on service, quality and innovation to bring you the most unique products and services available on the market today.

Choose and date and time


By placing a sub-contractor approved PPE/Workwear link to our portal on their website, main contractors can ensure sub-contractors have access to products they feel are right for their sites. When the sub-contractor places his on-line order, it comes direct to Stronghold who deliver direct to the sub-contractor. Stronghold then pay an agreed rebate to the main contractor.

Efficiency of supply

Our portal is designed to provide all the information needed for a satisfactory purchase in one place, from price and declarations of conformity through to data sheets and technical specifications. This helps to cut out many of the ‘back-and-forth’ processes involved with traditional procurement methods.

Traceability of spend

The portal has the capacity to flag up any requests for replacement items placed before the predicted life-wear date of the original has expired, ensuring stock does not deplete quicker than it needs to.
Spend can be allocated to sites and also to each employee.

Sites: Enables accurate product and cost reports to be run for each project.

Employees: Where more expensive items such as footwear and jackets, for example, are needed.

Most popular features

Pending/saved orders – Requisitions from site go directly into “pending orders” for the buyer to approve. An email is then automatically sent to the buyer to alert him that an order is waiting to be approved. Saved orders can be accumulated if the buyer wishes to place one large order rather than a series of smaller
Reports – Most buyers like this feature as it enables reports to be run on product spend by the individual employees as well as by individual sites.
Store Cupboard – This feature keeps an accurate record of what is going in and out of your physical store cupboard. As a customer places or save an order, the item quantities are automatically reduced. This removes the need to do a physical stock check when placing a top-up order.

Our Portal v multi-site procurement – a summary of some of the benefits

Feature Benefit
Top quality guaranteed All supplied PPE meets the necessary Health & Safety standards, to ensure employee protection
Flexible approach Once set up, you are under no obligation to buy from us
Targeted product range Enables site managers to find the products they want, quickly
Order history Detailed records protect employers against wrongful compensation claims
Best value highlighted Prevents site managers inadvertently procuring overpriced items
Ordering check list Size or colour requirements, for example, never get overlooked
Product code failsafe feature Receiving wrong deliveries are a thing of the past
Reduced requisition time Auto-fill feature speeds up ordering process
Budget control Helps you to trace PPE spend on each site

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