How to mitigate COVID-19 risks for your business

As we learn to live with the changes that the Coronavirus pandemic has brought to our personal lives, we also have to adapt our working lives.

Whether your business has remained open throughout, or you are preparing to unbolt your doors again, once restrictions allow, you will need to make sure your workplace is COVID secure.

Government guidelines, on an industry-specific basis, are available, but here are five useful pointers, in safeguarding your staff and customers.

1. Install hand sanitiser dispensers  

By now, we all know the importance of washing our hands regularly, to keep the virus at bay, but it’s a great idea to install hand sanitiser dispensers at entrances, exits and throughout your premises.

2. Make social distancing straightforward

Distance is one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of the virus, but it’s easily forgotten in familiar environments, like your workplace. Signage around your business, plus regular communication with your staff can be a useful reminder. In areas where social distancing is harder to achieve, make sure you have adequate ventilation, like air conditioning units, vents or open windows.

3. Clean more regularly

Now is a good time to review your cleaning procedures, to make sure your office is maintained more regularly and with products that have adequate disinfecting properties. Keeping surfaces germ-free is key, especially if your staff or customers will be coming into contact with them.

4. Provide suitable PPE

We’re all used to wearing masks on public transport and in supermarkets now, but PPE is required more than ever, at work. PPE suppliers in the UK can help you decide on the right disposable gloves and respirators for your team.

5. Allow staff to work from home

An increasing number of your employees may be required to stay at home to self-isolate, or take care of their kids, while schools are closed. There are a number of remote-working communication tools these days, to allow you to offer this flexibility. However, in certain industries, it’s not possible, so some companies are choosing to carry out temperature tests. If this is right for your business, make sure you’ve considered the legalities around GDPR.

To find out more about how to make your business COVID secure, please contact one of our experts on 0845 208 4500 or email

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