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Workplace audits ensure your staff have the correct uniform and PPE for their roles.

We know just how important it is to make sure your staff have the correct workwear and PPE for their individual role within your company. Of course, having the right tools for the job makes their lives easier, but it’s more than that … it keeps your team safe, lowering the risk of accidents and injuries, whilst protecting your business from claims. And if that isn’t enough, selecting the proper equipment saves you money!


A Workplace Audit is the first step in identifying potential problems, ensuring your company meets its Health and Safety goals, as well as streamlining your procurement process. No matter what sector your business is in, our highly trained technical team will visit your sites across the UK, for free, to assess the demands of your working environment and determine the needs of your workforce.


The auditor will work with management, to investigate specific areas and control measures you have in place, including working at height, fire safety, first aid protocols, spill control, and site signage. We will evaluate your risk assessments and examine your company’s safety equipment, from face masks and gloves to protective clothing and eyewear. Once the data has been collected, we will provide you with a report, suggesting ways to improve Health and Safety compliance and detailing recommendations for PPE and workwear, suitable for each of the individual roles and tasks within your business.


If you’re still not convinced, here are some key benefits of a Workplace Audit:


Reducing Injury Risk

Using the incorrect, sub-standard, or faulty PPE can lead to injuries like cuts, chemical burns, electric shocks, breathing in contaminated air, and eye damage or loss of sight. Once our team have assessed the processes and equipment your company uses, they can recognise potential issues and suggest high-quality PPE that meets the necessary Health & Safety standards and fully protects your employees.


Engaging With Your Team

We like to listen to your staff. The people on the ground understand the work they do, the demands of their workplace, and the equipment they need. Feedback, focus groups, or surveys help us understand what they like and dislike about their current PPE and what they think about the Health and Safety procedures they follow on the job. Gathering this input and involving your team from the start will increase staff well-being and satisfaction, as well as making the process of rolling out the new processes and PPE easier.


Alternative Products Recommendations

We will supply you with a detailed and concise report, based on our findings during your free Workplace Audit. In this report, we will recommend alternative PPE products for your business to take to trial, which may be of a higher quality or at a better price. We work closely with manufacturers and innovation is at the core of what we do. We are constantly considering safety standards and industry advances in technology and materials, which we leverage to add value to your company. Once you have selected the products from our recommendations, we can streamline the procurement process, so your buying personnel can only order authorised equipment, making sure your team always has the protection it needs.

To organise a free Workplace Audit, contact one of our experts on 0845 208 4500 or email [email protected].

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