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Slips, trips and falls – it’s time to get a grip

It’s time to get a grip!


Accidents by their very definition are events that happen by chance or without apparent or deliberate cause no matter how conscientious an employer you are. But keeping the risk of workplace injuries down to a minimum should be the aim of every business.


Overall, since the Health & Safety Act was introduced in 1974, the incidences of workplace accidents have been on the decline.


Even so, 65,427 non-fatal injuries were reported by employers in the U.K in 2019/20 and the most likely cause (29 per cent) is slips, trips and falls on the ground.


According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), accidents of this nature cost employers over £500m per year in addition to the incalculable cost to the affected person or persons in terms of lost pay and inconvenience.


Investing in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that not only meets the necessary quality standards but also offers suitable protection for the risks the workforce is exposed to will more pay for itself in the long run.


In places like Swindon, home to national PPE distributor Stronghold Global, there are a breadth of firms from large major employers to a thriving SME sectors so an office worker at Nationwide, for example, will require different onsite PPE to a Great Western Railway operative.


Slips, trips and falls are caused in the main by slippery surfaces. Obviously ensuring floors are dried properly after cleaning or clear signage to warn of the dangers can mitigate against an unfortunate event happening.  


PPE workwear designed for the feet, i.e. boots and shoes has a role to play too, as it offers better grip and can play a part in protecting members of staff from slips, trips and falls in certain working environments.


Whenever a fall-related injury is investigated, the footwear needs to be evaluated to see if it contributed to the incident. Employees are expected to wear footwear appropriate for the duties of their work task.


Procuring correctly sized PPE workwear from a reputable suppliers such as Stronghold Global will also help prevent accidents of this nature happening.


While Stronghold Global’s PPE and workwear procurement portal has a range of over 50,000 approved products designed to fit all shapes and sizes, some suppliers are not quite as accommodating.


Female construction workers, for example, have been known to find procuring construction PPE suitable for their body shape a problem in the past. More than an inconvenience, ill-fitting PPE clothing is a work-related hazard that can lead to accidents and injuries on the job in any sector.

Regardless of gender, boots that are too large and hi-vis trousers that are too long invite trips that could lead to the wearer banging their head against a wall or falling on a hard surface and breaking bones in their body.


Comfort plays a big part in employees buying into the whole PPE and Health & Safety culture of a workplace. If PPE clothing does not fit properly it is likely to be uncomfortable and make the worker concerned more reluctant to wear it. Instead, they might seek less suitable alternatives exposing them to greater risk of injury.


If you would like more advice on what PPE and workwear is suitable for your business, whether in Swindon or much further afield, please get in touch on 0845 2084500.