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Choosing PPE for construction sites in Swindon

In the past year Swindon has seen the start of a major revamp, with the roads around the town centre undergoing a refurbishment, upgrades to cycling and walking routes and more than 800 children’s playgrounds due to be overhauled. All construction companies involved in these refurbishments have a legal requirement to ensure their staff all have the relevant Personal Protective Equipment as well as careful risk assessments of the work sites.

Site Workwear

Construction PPE stretches to more than a couple of hi-vis jackets and steel-toe-capped boots. Legislation states an employer is liable for injuries to:

  • Lungs from breathing contaminated air
  • Head and feet
  • The eyes, especially if there are flying particles or corrosive liquids
  • The skin especially from corrosive materials
  • The body, in regard to extremes in temperatures

Workwear Swindon

Getting the right PPE and site workwear is vital to ensuring the safety of site employees and that’s where Swindon-based Stronghold Global can help. A construction site in Swindon is a dangerous place, and without adequate site PPE, employees can be at danger from:

  • Falling objects
  • Impacts and collisions
  • Breathing in toxic fumes or asbestos
  • Chemical burns
  • Electric shocks
  • Exposure to excessive noise or excessive vibrations
  • Eye injuries

Any such injuries, even if exposed years later can result in legal action against the organisation where they will have to demonstrate the measures they took to protect their staff. Engaging with a company like Stronghold PPE can help make this easier as we offer a full range of PPE equipment, including workwear, masks, electrical and lighting, cleaning and hygiene, tools and Health and Safety signs which can drastically reduce the risks associated with a construction site. Whilst safety of construction and site workers in Swindon is a top priority for us, we also guarantee comfort, durability and cost effectiveness with our products. We want to ensure that our local clients have everything they need, including branded workwear, quickly and efficiently. That is why we have introduced the Stronghold Workwear Procurement Portal where more than 50,000 pieces of PPE and workwear, and cleaning/janitorial consumables can be ordered at the touch of a button.And with our warehouse facility in Chippenham many of these will be delivered next day.

If you are uncertain whether your business has all the construction workwear and PPE, or consignment stock in place Stronghold Global offer a completely free PPE and workwear audit which will give you peace of mind that you are compliant with the legislation, but also that your employees are safe whilst they carry out their job. For more information get in touch today 0845 208 4500, or email [email protected].