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Thanks for visiting our referral page, please fill out the form below to recommend a company. We ask you to let us know your company and your referral company’s details. Once a referral opens an account and spends £1000 with us, you will automatically receive a £200 credit on to your account. 







StrongPoint is a single access point for customers wishing to procure the appropriate PPE/Workwear at the right price without any need to be tied into inflexible contracts. With over 50,000 products in our range, we can cater for every need.

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Terms and Conditions

All referrers who submit a valid referral will be included in our “£200 account credit” referral scheme. The incentive for this scheme is a £200 Stronghold account credit subject to the Stronghold Global Referral Scheme Terms and Conditions.


Referral Scheme Terms and Conditions


  1. The referral scheme is open to existing, previous and Non-Stronghold Global clients
  2. To make a valid referral, you must complete the web form at:
  3. Referrals will only be eligible if the referred company is not already in conversation with Stronghold Global via any other channel
  4. There is only one reward for each Referred company/organisation referred. Stronghold will notify the Referrer if the Referred company/organisation has previously been referred
  5. If a Referred company is sent by multiple Referrers, whichever Referrer submitted the referral first will be deemed as the Referrer
  6. Referrals will be deemed as ineligible if an existing client refers their own company or a franchisee
  7. To constitute a successful referral, the referred business must spend at least £1000 with Stronghold Global Ltd.
  8. There is no limit to the number of businesses a referrer can refer in our referral scheme
  9. The Referrer may be named in communication between Stronghold Global Ltd and the Referred business
  10. The reward will only be issued for valid referrals, once the new client has spent £1000
  11. In the event of any disputes regarding any Referred company/organisation, the decision of Stronghold Global’s is final
  12. In the event of a Referrer not receiving a referral fee, a claim must be raised for consideration to [email protected] within 90 days of the referral form submission. Any claims made after 90 days will not be eligible for a Referral fee
  13. If you require any further information in regard to the referral scheme, please email [email protected]
  14. Referral leads must close within 12 months of the submission date. Referrals which do not become clients within this date will not be eligible for a referral fee.