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Do you know how to ensure the safety of your team?

Let’s be honest, accidents happen, especially at work.


As an employer, it’s your job to ensure the safety of your staff and make sure these are few and far between. But whether you’re a beekeeper, bookkeeper, or goalkeeper, not one occupation is risk-free, although bookkeepers are probably on the safest of grounds out of those three examples. It is simply impossible to mitigate against every threat.


There are a number of risks associated with a workplace, from working at height to handling hazardous materials. But we can assist you in providing your workforce with a safe environment and processes to help keep risk down to a minimum and prevent lost working days brought about through injury or guard against litigation.


Through your Stronghold Key Account Manager, you will be instructed how to best use our portal, to make the most of your PPE procurement.



All our PPE meets the necessary Health & Safety standards, which means you can be assured that whatever you purchase is of the highest quality and offers the top levels of protection for your employees. Innovation is at the core of our business. We are at the forefront of industry advances in technology and materials, which we leverage to add value to your company and thereby increasing the safety and comfort of your workers and reducing the risk of accidents and claims.


Product selection

Our dedicated Stronghold team can work with you to identify and select the right PPE for each of the jobs and roles within your business. We will visit your site to carry out risk assessments and surveys, reviewing the potential hazards before accidents occur and determining the equipment you need, from eyewear, face masks and respirators, to protective clothing, gloves, and work boots.

Whether your business is in the construction, manufacturing, or healthcare industry, surveys are an essential element of an accident-free workplace. The Stronghold technical specialists are trained in a number of site surveys, across various specific areas, including spill control, fire safety, first aid protocols, and the relevant signage required.


We can conduct Face Fit tests, required by law, to make sure that the respirators you provide for your workforce are fitted correctly. This ensures that the mask is creating an adequate facial seal and providing maximum protection against fumes, fine and toxic dust, and oil and water-based mists. Face Fit test data is then stored securely against a user in our portal, allowing for ease of access and notification of when tests expire.  

Eye Protection Surveys can check that you are offering the correct eyewear to protect your team, especially from dust, sparks, and debris. We can also determine if any of your staff would benefit from selecting prescription safety eyewear, which combines lens technology, with comfort and durability. We have a range of prescription eyewear in various styles for specific working environments, all of which meet European Standards (EN 166).


Information from site surveys is compiled in a report and details recommendations for PPE and workwear which you then authorise. Only protective equipment of the correct specification and standard is considered.


Procurement Process

Our Portal is designed to give you peace of mind and enables a streamlined procurement process.

Online purchasers of any kind can sometimes suffer the frustration of receiving the wrong products, but only company-approved items are listed and can be requested and purchased by your team. Meanwhile, not having to confirm safety standards with every transaction simplifies and speeds up the process.


Procurement via our portal can be tailormade so that it is specific to individual sites. So, for example, at a factory where there is a high-level risk of hand injuries, only the appropriate Cut Level gloves will be made available. There is also the capacity to enter different job descriptions and match them with their PPE requirements.


Tracing Usage

The portal allows you to track the usage and procurement of all PPE for your business. In tracing what your staff are using, you can keep on top of important information, such as who has been provided with what, who needs replacements, how much you have in stock, and the expiry dates of products with a shelf-life. All of this data is available and can be pulled into reports, to ensure maximum protection. If any accidents do occur, the portal can be used to provide evidence and help against any litigious disputes which may arise.



To find out more about how our portal can help streamline your procurement process, whilst ensuring employee safety, contact one of our experts on 0845 208 4500 or email [email protected].